Saturday, 29 December 2012

Your world

So I was looking about the internet there and I found some nice sites.

The first one is interesting,
check it out.
Its like eharmony, you know that one, I don't like it much, but this ashley one is the same but for married people, you know?. And the slogan is great 

 "Life is short. Have an affair"

I researched it a little. And I can say it gets... roughly 1,800,000 unique visitors per month...
I was going to rant about how bad it is and that
but I learned that its already well known for the that and that is why its successful and that it got that way because it's so controversial. People love to hate it.

Not going say the obvious. I will say that its there and thats the point I guess
 but why it does well is the interesting thing and like its not your first thought. We do like to say the easy answer.

Another site.
This one was hilarious.

Where you can buy your credibility and influence on facebook, youtube, twitter and all them good things.. That gets you thinking huh. Who's done it? Bought 10 trillion likes for their new brand.
Fame and following on the internet is so meaningful.

(No I love my 325 watchers on Deviant Art, mainly because I bought them with love!.)

The weird thing is though, is that those websites aren't jokes, there geniune well established sites like.
Up to us what we think of it but the point is thats your world you are in mannn,
one where most of our lives are, and ever more so virtualised
and thats as good as it is,
but also you know, as bad as it is. (sigh..)

Did I ever tell you the definition of culture jamming?

Heres something to restore your faith in the human race so we all don't kill ourselves.

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