Friday, 28 December 2012


I had a talk with Danny today (after we climbed a church) and I realised that I need another brain. (And not just because the one I have don't work)

Everyone that knows me well would know that I talk to myself a lot, and much of the time I would write down the gist of these conversations in notebooks like this.

So I've found, that as far as that has got me so far, and as interesting as that may be, there actually is a point, where that becomes unproductive.

And I've learned recently,mostly in work that one in a vacuum will die by itself. That dialogue, sharing, mixing, remixing swapping, reflecting, colliding and cross pollinating minds whatever you want to call it, it's the key to progression.

Of course, I do this as much as I can already but I want to do this now on a real scale. I want to start a little group. Starting with two. So I'm adding a contributor danny. And hey, if your interested too, contact me at