Monday, 2 September 2013

Belfast culture night launch

Journeyfor was invited to the launch of the Belfast culture night
 at the Hudson yard, because were taking part again this year.
but everyone was really busy so Me and Robbie went down hah,
we just pretended to be the directors.

It was pretty cool. Lots of cool people were there from Belfast.
All my favourite buskers, lord mayor of Belfast (he's hilarious),
lots of utv presenters, seen Terri Hooley and lots of ceo's of
all the major creative companies in Belfast, (everyone I'll likely
work with the rest of my life was probably there.)

Culture night, it's on the 20th , 
It's more or less the biggest event in Belfast, it's just like half the city 
gets taken over for crazy 'art-y' shizz. 

Last year it was everything from local bands playing out of salons, derelict buildings 
turned into instillations, street drawing, the best art exhibitions in the museums, 
workshops for kids where you make like a ten foot statue, even a mucha lucha 
wrestling ring outside neros and more and more. I couldn't even take it all in at once 
until after.

That's my favourite thing about creativity, it isn't doing it 
as much as having fun with other people with it, bringing people 
together and all that shit. I get really passionate and gay about it.
There's no better feeling than inspiring people and being inspired.
Okay Johnney.. 

But honestly, the amount the value for me exerted on a night like this, 
is unmeasurable.My dream job, would probably be, to be the guy 
organising all this.

That's our slot. 71. be there.

And actually thats the same night I move to Belfast. Wow. 

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