Sunday, 24 February 2013


What wert thou, dream-Alice, in thy foster father's eyes? How shall he picture thee? Loving first, loving and gentle: loving as a dog. (Forgive the prosaic simile, but I know no earthly love so pure and perfect), and gentle as a fawn: then courteous-courteous to all, high or low, grand or grotesque, king or caterpillar, even as though she were herself a king's daughter, and her clothing of wrought gold: then trustful, ready to accept the wildest impossibilities with all that utter trust that only dreamers know; and lastly, curious- wildly curious, with the eager enjoyment of life that comes only in the happy hours of childhood, when all is new and fair, and when sin and sorrow are but names- empty words signifying nothing!

This is from "Alice on Stage" an article cited in the first note on the prefatory poem, Carroll gave the following description of his heroine's personality.

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