Friday, 18 January 2013

Rodeo Drive 1984

Rodeo Drive, 1984 by Anthony Hernandez

Rodeo Drive, the shopping district in California,
the face of "luxurious consumerist excess".

So normal and weird at the same time, my favourite part, are the expressions ,  I don't know they are thinking and I enjoy wondering I guess. In its context, everything and even now is quite normal and mundane, but to us that lifestyle could seem unusual yet there expressions would be same as ours, walking down the street now.

"Some people ask, "What's so important or compelling about taking pictures of such unpleasant subjects like city dwellers?'... My work may be beautiful or it might not be, that just isn't what I am concerned with." Hernandez once said. "I try to be open and face the city... To me it's not unpleasant or unbeautiful, it's just life – which has to be threatening sometimes if it is going to be interesting."

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