Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Strapline mantras pour moi

This is a list of all the little tags I have.
I'm starting to forget them so I'm writing them down.

'Are you Alive?   Diesel.'
'Life is Good we draw about it.' ( yes, I wrote that)

I do listen..
'copy and paste that shit'
'Self indulgent masturbation' (my favourite)
'Make a little history' (self confessed rip off)
'We should be better' (on fucking fire)

There was more.

I try to sum up what I am doing or want to do or
promote in the particular spot, which is hilarious
in itself. I think the next one is going to be,
look at me, look at me. Which actually is null
because that's what everyone's is really.


'It's not worth doing
unless you can post it  '

mm too long. What would yours be?
(if your as special as me)

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